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Delicious Slovenia

They often say the belly rules the mind, so we’ve compiled a list of the top must-try traditional dishes in Slovenia that will not only tantalize your taste buds and fill your stomach, but will feed your soul and keep your mind set on your next adventure!

Kranjska Klobasa

One of the most recognized meat products in Slovenian, Kranjska Klobasa is a delicious sausage made of ground pork and bacon, often paired with horseradish or cabbage and mustard. Created sometime in the early 19th century in the Upper Carniola region, the sausage can now be found all over the country and is a popular dish served at local eateries and tourist farm.

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Iztok Medja, I feel Slovenia

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Danica Photo, I feel Slovenia


One of the most famous desserts in the country, Potica is a traditional festive cake that is often served during important celebrations and big holidays. In form, it resembles a bundt cake and is made of thinly rolled dough and different fillings. The most popular fillings are walnut, honey, bacon, and tarragon – but the varieties are endless.


Famously also known as the “Bled Cream Cake” based on its origins from the 1950’s in Hotel Park Bled, this dessert is not to be missed! Although the cream cake can be devoured in other Slovenian cities, those from Bled are known to be the most delicious. Made with eggs, cream, milk and sugar, this lusciously creamy dessert is a hit with all those who taste it.

Prekmurska gibanica

Prekmurska gibanica is a wonderful combination of cake and pastry and was originally made in the Prekmurje region, hence the name. Featuring several layers of pastry, the gibanica might be the most layered cake featuring various fillings such as poppy seeds, walnuts, sweet jams, cottage cheese, and more. Often served with a side of sour cream, the Permurska Gibanica is rich and tasty to say the least.

Idrijski žlikrofi

A speciality that originated in the Idrija region of Slovenia, Idrijski žlikrofi are delicious dumplings made that are a national dish of Slovenia. Made from dough with a potato filling and topped with breadcrumbs. The dish is usually served as a side to meat, but can also be eaten on its own.


Štruklji are one of the most well-known and loved Slovenian foods. Made from thinly stretched filo pastry, the rolls are either boiled or baked, and contain various fillings that are either sweet or savoury. The most favoured are the tarragon and cottage cheese rolls in the spring and summer, and the warm apple and walnut Štruklji in the colder seasons.

Kraški pršut

Karst prosciutto is a traditional and delicious dry ham hailing from the Kras region in Slovenia. It has been a staple in Slovenian cuisine for centuries and with it’s lightly-salted and tender flavour, it’s a must for all meat-lovers.

Kislo mleko

Soured milk, kislo mleko is a refreshing fermented dairy product that has one of the longest traditions in Slovenia. Alpine dairy farms have been producing the delicious and subtle milk for centuries, via fermentation and traditional methods. The soured milk is often served as a side dish accompanying many traditional favourites in Slovenia, such as žganci.

Ajdovi žganci

Made from buckwheat flour and water, Ajdovi žganci is simple yet traditional Slovenian dish that is most comparable to a buckwheat porridge. Often paired with cracklings, meat sauces, sausages and more, it is a delicious and filling meal.

F010799 Ajdovi In Koruzni Zganci Tomo Jesenicnik 1 Photo S

Tomo Jeseničnik, I feel Slovenia


Jota is a traditional soup that originated in the Primorska region of Slovenia. Made from beans that are soaked overnight, sour cabbage, potatoes, sausage, bacon or ham it is a stew of sorts. Thick and rich, it is mostly devoured over the winter months.

F004879 Jota Gredic Orig Jpg Photo S

Aleš Fevžer, I feel Slovenia


A home-grown Slovenian wine, Teran is protected by a traditional designation and produced in the Karst Region of the country. The Karst’s red soil gives it a distinct taste, that is rich and full of flavour. A dry wine, the Teran is best served at room temperature, along with red meat cold cuts such as prosciutto.


Produced in the Dolenjska district of Slovenia, Cviček is a unique wine, made from different grape varieties, both red and white. Low in alcohol content (about 8% to 10%) it is a light every day wine that pairs easily with cheese and meats. It is also one of the few wines that has received a traditional recognized designation for regional traditional distinction – Priznano Tradicionalno Poimenovanje (PTP).


If you’re a honey lover, then Slovenia will definitely hit the spot! Beekeeping is one of the oldest traditions in Slovenia and the country is often referred to as “the heart and soul of keeping” in Europe. Slovenia has a huge number of beekeepers, and many young people are even proudly carrying the tradition forward. No matter where you go in Slovenia, traditional honey can be found at every corner, whether in the form of food, or an additive in massages or even as a health product. Visitors interested in the api-culture can get their fill of honey at the Slovenian Beekeeping Centre in Lukovica or Radovljica where an entire museum has been dedicated to maintaining the beekeeping heritage.

F010177 Cebelarski Izdelki Med Jost Gantar 1 Photo S

Jošt Gantar, I feel Slovenia

Kranjska medica

Slovenia is a mecca for honey lovers, and a specialty not be missed is Kranjska Medica – honey wine or liquor. Produced with delicious honey from the Upper Carniola region of Slovenia, the sweet tasting drink is smooth and flavorful and is often served as an aperitif, before or after a meal, and even on a winter’s day to warm the body up!

Laško & Union beer

Dividing beer drinkers in Slovenia, Laško and Union lager dominate the beer scene in the country, and often raises the question of alliance. Both beers are brewed locally; Laško in the town Laško near Celje and Union in Ljubljana. Laško Brewery was founded in 1825 by a gingerbread baker and mead producer, and Union was founded shortly after in 1864. Now however, both breweries are owned by Laško Brewery (Pivovarna Laško).

Mineral water

Slovenia is land of many riches, one of which is the vast amount of crystal-clear, natural thermal and mineral springs. Not only do the springs offer a variety of beneficial effects on the skin and body, but they also serve as a source of drinkable refreshment in the form of Radenska Bottled Water, and Donat Mg Water to name a few – all of which can be found in any supermarket or restaurant around the country.


Cockta is one of the most popular non-alcoholic soda drinks in Slovenia. Many generations grew up drinking Cockta, which is made from several different herbs, orange and lemon, and more importantly the does not contain any caffeine. Refreshing and light, when in Slovenia Cockta is a must!

Background picture: Nea Culpa d.o.o., I feel Slovenia


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