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Nature Attractions

Although small in size Slovenia is vast in natural beauty. Full of unique and beautiful attractions at every corner from waterfalls to valleys, plateaus and caves, the country is truly a haven for nature lovers.

Soča Valley

The Soča River, which flows at the foot of the Julian Alps has carved out a breathtaking valley that features some of the most stunning turquoise waters in Europe. Its unspoiled nature makes the Soča Valley an outdoor hub that offers a full spectrum of adrenaline and active opportunities, including water sports and year-round festivals. The old traditions of the valley can still be experienced through the various family-run tourist farms and taverns, where the local fare such as homemade polenta, štruklji and alpine cheese are not to be missed. Rich in history, the valley was the scene of the Battles of the Isonzo during the First World War – stories of this time can be found at the Kobarid Museum and along the Walk of Peace, a mountain trail that runs along the Alps to the Adriatic.

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Tomo Jeseničnik, I feel Slovenia

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Tomo Jeseničnik, I feel Slovenia

Kozjak Waterfall

From the town of Kobarid, the immensely beautiful Kozjak Waterfall is a 45-minute scenic walk away. Through majestic forests, passing the turquoise Soča river, vast landscapes and historical elements, the waterfall is easily accessed on foot, and by car. Flowing amidst a rocky amphitheatre, the 15-meter-high waterfall flows into an emerald pool below, offering visitors a breathtaking sight.


Zelenci Springs is a nature reserve and wetland area near the town of Kranjska Gora, surrounded by several peaks of the Julian Alps. It is the source of the Sava Dolinka River, a branch of the Danube. The natural reserve is incredibly beautiful with its clear, emerald green waters and is home to unique flora and fauna, including carnivorous sundews, sand lizards, and whiskered bats. Interestingly, the Zelenci features mini bubbling ‘volcanoes’ and does not freeze during the winter – its constant temperature is approximately 6°C throughout the year.

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Iztok Medja, I feel Slovenia

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Jošt Gantar, I feel Slovenia

Vintgar Gorge

Vintgar Gorge is one of the most spectacular natural attractions in Slovenia. Located a few kilometres north of Bled, the gorge is 1.6 kilometres of magical beauty. Carved out by the Radovna River, Vintgar Gorge is a hiker’s dream, with an easy to follow, winding wooden path that sits amidst towering canyon walls, that in areas reach 100 meters in height. The path leads visitors over various pools, rapids and to the magnificent 16-meter tall Šum Waterfall. The gorge offers an all-in-one experience combining activity and exploration, with the most sublime landscapes, and picture-perfect spots, making it a popular attraction amongst visitors, locals, families and couples alike.

Waterfall Peričnik

Located in the beautiful Vrata Valley, not far from Bled, sits the magnificent Peričnik waterfall. There are in fact two waterfalls; the upper one is 16m, and the lower one 52m high, graciously flowing into a pool below. The falls are special in experience as you can walk behind them and experience various unique vantage points. In winter, the waterfall turns into a several icicles in shades of green and blue – a truly remarkable sight.

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Tomo Jeseničnik, I feel Slovenia

Logar Valley

The Logar Valley is one of the most beautiful Alpine glacial valleys in Europe and features one of the most stunning and tallest Slovenian waterfalls at its far end, the Rinka waterfall. The entrance to the valley itself is captivating, with lush meadows and mighty trees, to winding roads and towering mountain walls. Here, tradition and nature have found the perfect balance. The valley is a popular destination for residents and visitors alike with its year-round activities, from cycling, climbing, and hiking, to skiing, or even light walking. Combining this, with rustic accommodations and traditional cuisine, will surely leave you in wonderment of this idyllic valley.

River Kolpa

At the southern edge of Slovenia, the unique River Kolpa is a scenic destination, featuring one of the warmest and cleanest rivers in Europe. Full of wonders, the river showcases numerous rapids and coves, while the countryside along its banks is noted for its biodiversity. Protected as Nature park Kolpa, the area is peaceful and serene, making it an ideal location for cycling and hiking, fishing, horse riding, camping, and indulging in the local craft and cultural legacy.

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Iztok Medja, I feel Slovenia

Postojna Cave

One of the most visited caves in Europe, Postojna Cave features a web of marvellous and breathtaking tunnels, passages and caverns. Running 24 kms long in total, visitors are able to visit 5kms of the cave on foot, or by electric train. In fact, the railway featured within the cave was built more than 140 years ago. The captivating cave also boasts subterranean rivers, soaring underground mountains, unique formations and distinct fauna; specifically, the Proteus Anguinus, also known as the Baby Dragon. A visit to the cave wouldn’t be complete without stopping at the nearby Predjama Castle, noted in the Guinness Book of World Records as the largest cave castle in the world – and a picturesque sight not to be missed.

Salt Pans Sečovlje

Located on the Slovenian coast in Piran the Sečovlje Salina Landscape Park covers 1,600 acres. Active since the 13th century, the reserve is the largest wetland on the coastline. In the northern part of the reserve, the salt is harvested using 700-year-old traditional methods passed down by generation, which is the reason why the salt still features ts unique taste and characteristics. In addition, the abandoned southern part of the reserve plays home to a number of plant and animal species. Through all the seasons, the salt pans are a beautiful sight that offer an intriguing look into the salt harvesting industry.

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Ana Pogačar, I feel Slovenia

Background picture: Boris Pretnar, I feel Slovenia


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