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Cycling in Slovenia, REALLY??


Sandwiched between Italy, Austria, Hungary and the hippest spot on the Adriatic coast, Croatia, it’s easy to see how Slovenia can be overlooked on the tourist map. Even from a cyclists perspective, where countries like France and Italy who’s cycling battlegrounds play host to numerous mythic climbs like Mont Ventoux and the Stelvio, Slovenia is still easily overshadowed. So what is it about this place? And why is it even worth the trip?

For starters Slovenia packs a major punch when it comes to natural beauty. Boasting numerous verdant green valleys, dramatic, spiring mountain peaks, emerald green rivers and glacial looking lakes Slovenia makes up an entire nature lovers wish list. Add to that flying into Slovenia’s main airport makes Burbank’s, Bob Hope, look like trying to leave a Dodger game during the 7th inning stretch. Not to mention it’s impeccably clean and its incredibly easy to navigate using English; a major plus for an inept linguist like myself. And all this without the major tourist hordes. To be sure Summer is prime travel season in Slovenia and with all the other nature lovers around you don’t exactly feel alone. But its not the throngs you see flocking to the south of France, or the masses overrunning Florence and Venice. There’s still a sense that you’re onto something new and special here that the rest of the discount-holiday package swarms haven’t quite found yet.

“This is great” you say, “but what about the cyclist in me, where do I ride if I were to go?” Glad you asked!

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