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CeramicSpeed OSPW X

The Future for Off-Road Drivetrain Efficiency

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The OSPW X is the first oversized pulley wheel system available on the market compatible with a clutch derailleur. Previous testing demonstrates that clutch derailleurs have higher drag than a non-clutch derailleur. But, through lowering the spring tension (as CeramicSpeed does with the OSPW X), the efficiency gap can be reduced while retaining the overall benefits of the clutch (chain retention on rough roads and 1X chainring setups), resulting in 30-40% less friction than conventional systems.

The effect is the clutch is a separate function from the backwards spring tension, so each can be adjusted separately to reduce chain drag. Unlike other recent entrants to the market, the CeramicSpeed OSPW X incorporates a carefully designed and tested pulley tooth profile with a narrow/wide design for durability and shift quality.

The new OSPW X features a custom-designed, carbon fibre pulley cage assembly that is lightweight and durable.

Designed, developed and handbuilt in Denmark, with CeramicSpeed bearings inside, the OSPW X comes with a warranty of up to six years and gives a three to five times longer lifetime over a conventional pulley wheel system.

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