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From the Belgian brand’s inception, Ridley’s mission remains the same – to deliver cutting-edge machines that reflect each rider’s individuality. Ridley has not only creatively sourced new materials to build lightweight, reliable bikes but has significantly raised the bar in the usage of these materials. Its patented FAST-technologies is cutting edge when it comes to aerodynamic advantage. Moreover, the brand takes rider’s individuality seriously, with its ‘Customizer‘ and ‘Pure Line’ program which allows individuals to choose the colour of their frame whilst personalizing it too.

When it comes to Eddy Merckx, you can expect “the best-balanced bike in the world”. Considered to be one of the most prestigious bicycle brands out there, Eddy Merckx bikes was created by the Belgian former professional road and track cyclist himself. Widely seen as the most successful rider in the history of competitive cycling, having won all the major races in the world, Eddy Merckx turned his focus to manufacturing top quality bikes. Like Ridley, Eddy Merckx also offers the possibility of own colour with ‘MyMerckx‘ program.

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